CCTV Surveillance System

  • Monitoring the classrooms and student's activities is a key issue for the majority of parents.
  • We have CCTV surveillance system installed in entire premises so that we can continuously monitor student's safety and their activities.
  • Class Management Software

  • Student's Attendance, Progress records, SMS alerts and Email alerts are being managed by Nuclear Academy's powerful back office automation cloud based software.
  • It keeps a record of all tests marks as well as attendance and save it in online so as to access it anytime anywhere.
  • It also keep track of homework, oral sessions, Daily practice tests (online/offline) given by the students.
  • Biometric Attendance System

  • Biometric attendance Machine near the classroom is in sync with class management software.
  • Student's entry and exit from the classroom is automatically recorded in the system.
  • All punch records are available to the parents anytime through our android app.
  • OMR Bubble Sheet Scanner

  • We have a question paper generator software with millions of MCQ’s to choose from.
  • It facilitates the teachers to arrange MCQ's tests with different levels and combinations in just few clicks.
  • We also have OMR bubble sheet scanner application to read and evaluate bubble sheets submitted by the students.
  • It enables admin staff to speed up post exam process and declare student's result in time.
  • All graded bubble sheets are stored in the cloud and can be accessed any time.
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