Accurate Assessments
This platform will give you an exhaustive and complete practice of the entire panorama of problems which are important from the MHCET/NEET exam point of view.
Most Exhaustive Question Bank
After the test you will get a complete synopsis of where you went wrong, your performance report will display your strong areas and weak points.
Detailed Solutions to all tests
Detailed solutions to all tests- After the tests, students can refer to the detailed solutions to the tests. Thus they can get all their doubts resolved, their problems areas sorted and their knowledge updated.
Performance Report
The student can see his progress graph and get a performance report underlining his strong areas and weak points.
Print your reports
Our platform allows you to download, print and share beautiful PDF for your reports. You can print certificates, reports and even question papers quickly.
Mobile Compatible Learning
Our content is compatible across all devices. The Mobile app will help students to access all their digital content and related information any time, anywhere, 24x7x365 with built in compatibility to all kind of devices.