>We believe that every student has tremendous potential which may be different but is unique of its own kind. It is very important to identify student’s interest correctly, nurture and develop it and make career selection based on it. It is required to achieve the golden mean amongst the criteria like personality, scope and economy.

>Keeping all these things in mind, parents meetings are arranged in order to discuss Academy’s educational planning and workout throughout the year. It is an opportunity for parents to learn about the academic, behavioral, and social well-being of their child and to clarify any related questions or concerns about their grades.

>It is an important occasion for us as such parental interaction not only allows us to share the student’s progress with parents but also enable us to learn about his/her development at home. so that both of us, can work together to ensure a balanced growth of the student at the tender age. As well as NuclearAcademy have experienced that suggestions from parents has helped us to enhance Academy`s educational workout.

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